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Outdoor Video Wall - P10

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P10 Outdoor Integrated 3in1 Full Color SMD Series

The Outdoor LED Video Walls are widely used in Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Stadium Shows, Bus Stops & Railway Stations for Advertising Purpose, Live Outdoor Events and many other places. Our engineers have designed Outdoor LED Video Walls for excellent picture quality. You will be amazed by the degree of sharpness, clarity and resolution that our Outdoor LED Video Walls feature. Besides, amazing picture quality, our P10 Outdoor Led Screens are extremely power efficient. All these factors have lined us up among the leading LED Display Screen Suppliers in Maharashtra. On top of that, no other Outdoor Led Display Screen Supplier offers such advanced display units at the prices that we do.

The • / Rear IP43 Waterproof is ideal for outdoor applications has been the outmost smallest pitch of conventional LED lamp display, but AURA OPTO ELECTRONICS IND PVT LTD, has launched a big quantity of P10mm Outdoor LED displays into he market, bringing people it's best video picture in daytime.

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LED Screen Advantages

  • High resolution of indoor full color LED display.
  • Standardized cabinet can realize mass production and shorten lead time.
  • Complete outdoor application with high waterproof.
  • High Resolution and Ultra High Brightness output ensures to delivers superb contrast levels, even in the brightness of sunlight.
  • IP65 / Rear IP43 Waterproof is ideal for outdoor applications.
  • The Seamless Design enables gap between invisible to deliver extraordinary image and video to audiences.
  • Consistent uniformity over time.
  • Extremely Cost-Effective with Standardized Production.
  • New Revolutionary design & Cutting Edges Technology.

LED Screen Name P10 Outdoor Integrated 3in1 Full Color SMD Series
LED Class Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
Physical Pixel pitch 10 mm
Cabinet Size 512mm(w) X 512mm(h)

Model P10
Pixel Pitch 10 mm
Physical Density dot/m2 10,000
LED Arrangements DIP(1R1G1B)
Module Size (mm x mm) 320 X 320
Module Resolution (PX x PX) 32 X 32
Drive Mode 1/4 dynamic scan
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Deg) 140
Vertical Viewing Angle (Deg) 50
Brightness cd/m2 6000cd/m2
Refresh Rate(Hz) 1000
Cabinet Resolution (PX x PX) 96 X 96
Cabinet Max Power Consumption (W) 980W/m2
Cabinet Average Power Consumption (W) 343W/m2
Cabinet Size (mm x mm) 960 X 960
Cabinet Weight (Kg) 44
Cabinet Thickness (mm) 120
Cabinet Material Steel
Input Voltage (V) AC220V+-10%,50Hz
Refresh Frame Frequency 60fps
Working Environment Outdoor
Working Humidity(0C) 20%-90%
Working Temperature (0C) (-) 200c to (+) 600c
Life Span (H) 1,00,000