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Outdoor Video Wall - P5

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P5 Outdoor Video Display

P5 SMD Outdoor LED module is generally used in outdoor LED display. The size of P5 outdoor led module is 320mm * 160mm. Full color outdoor P5 LED screens with integrated 3in1 SMD full color LED block modules as unit is another deeper revolutionary development in the LED screens industry. It shows a super fine and high quality picture on the LED screens and has a much wider viewing angle than the full color dip lamps LED screens. It rejects the deficiencies of the traditional LED lamp outdoor display screens.

The 5mm 3in1 SMD has been the outmost highest pitch of conventional LED lamp display, but AURA OPTO ELECTRONICS IND PVT LTD has launched a big quantity of 8mm indoor LED displays into the market, bringing people it's best video picture in daytime from a larger indoor distance.

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LED Screen Advantages

  • Wide application field
  • High Contrast and Frequency
  • First-class LED chip
  • Clear vivid image quality
  • Long-term Brightness
  • Easy Installation & Using
  • Convenient Servicing

Module size (mm) 320mm * 160mm
Pixel pitch 5mm
Pixel density 40,000 dots/m2
Pixel configuration 1R1G1B
Led specification SMD2727
Pixel resolution W:32dots*H:16dots
Working voltage DC9-36V
Average power consumption 400W/m2
Max. Power consumption ≤800W/m2
Current ≤20mA(single LED)
CPU Pentium4 or above
Operating system WIN98/2000/NT/XP
Control method Synchronization / A- Synchronization
Driving device 1/8 scan
Drive type Constant Current driver IC
Refresh frequency ≥300Hz
Grey scale/colors 256 levels of each color(R/G/B)/16.7M color
Brightness white balance 550 - 6500 cd/m2
Brightness adjustment 256 levels of each color(R/G/B)by software
Operating ambient humidity 10%--95%
Control system DVI display card+full color controller card
MTBF ≥10,000hours
Life span ≥100,000hours
Tolerance of interpixel ≤0.3mm
Tolerance of modules clearance ≤0.6mm
Power switch Automatic switch
Display mode 960*320
Unshielded twisted pair net line transmission distance 100m
Max transmission distance 200m
Multi-mode Optic fiber transmission distance 500m
Single-mode optic fiber transmission distance 10km
Software Depend on Controller