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Indoor Video Wall - P3

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P3 Indoor Video Display

P3 SMD1921 Indoor LED module is generally used in Indoor LED display. The size of P3 Indoor led module is 192mm*192mm. Full color outdoor P3 LED screens with integrated 3in1 SMD full color LED block modules as unit is another deeper revolutionary development in the LED screens industry. It shows a super fine and high quality picture on the LED screens and has a much wider viewing angle than the full color dip lamps LED screens. It rejects the deficiencies of the traditional LED lamp outdoor display screens.

The 3mm 3in1 SMD has been the outmost highest pitch of conventional LED lamp display, but AURA OPTO ELECTRONICS IND PVT LTD has launched a big quantity of 8mm indoor LED displays into the market, bringing people it's best video picture in daytime from a larger indoor distance.

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LED Screen Advantages

  • High resolution of indoor full color LED display.
  • Integrated encapsulation is blessed with higher reliability.
  • Good color mixture from far or very near distance.
  • Good color consistency transparent picture.
  • Good picture uniformity.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • Higher contrast ratio
  • The most economical and rational solution for 3 in 1 full color technology.

Pixel pitch (mm) 3 mm
Scanning Mode 1 / 32
Pixel density 111111
Module Resolution 64*64
Module Size (mm) 192 X 192
Module Weight (kg) 0.28
Max Current (A) < 4.3
Screen Power Consumption (W/M ^2) > 525
Optimum Viewing Distance (m) > 3
LED Encapsulation SMD 2020 1R1G1B 3 in 1
Driving IC PWM SS Driving IC
Refresh rate (Hz) > 3840
Attenuation > 15 %
Interface port DVI interface(DVI connector)
Input signal VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB etc.
LED Drive Constant-current drive
MTBF > 100,000 hours
Grey Scale (Bit) 14-16
Optimum Viewing Angle Horizontal: 140°, Vertical: 130°
Readability viewing angle Horizontal/ Vertical: 170° (85° off centre)
Servicing Back Service
Control mode Synchronous & asynchronous available
Power 120/240 V AC single phase(50-60Hz)
Maximum power consumption(W/SQM) 950
Average power consumption(W/SQM) 380
Package Material Wooden Case
Warranty ³ 3 Years
MS/ Diecast Cabinet dimensions (mm) Customised